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  1. shazjera

    My first serious boyfriend had a tortoise. The next time I came across one was when we were renting a holiday apartment in Exmouth – there was a tortoise who roamed the service road who everyone looked after!

    I always wanted a cat – or rather I did have a cat (when I was a child) until I saw him being run over. I was so distraught my father said no more pets and we never did. I always hankered after another cat so when I was settled in my first home I had two. They lived for 15 years and brought so much love to my boys too.

  2. raisiebay

    awww, what a shame about your cat. My daughter's cat was run over when she was young and it was a distressing time, but I let her choose when she wanted another and we ended up with three. One died quite young after 3 years but the other two we had for 16 years and they left us last year. We still have two 7 year old cats though. My daughter has always loved her cats.

  3. raisiebay

    I just vividly remember how they used to pack them away for hibernation on Blue Peter and then I'd wait anxiously for them to open the box again the next year.

  4. shazjera

    I don't think my dad could handle my emotions Anne! I have thought about having a couple more cats but we were so lucky with our two. They were real home cats and one was my shadow. We're living near quite a busy road and I know I would be anxious. So it's a decision of being able to live with extra anxiety or just looking at pictures of cats 🙂 We do have a dog (rescue) who also brings much sunshine into our lives. He's enjoyed being king of the house (the cats were always the dominant ones) so there's also him to consider. x

  5. Lisa@IntoTheGlade

    I had one, he was gorgeous! He was called Flash and I got him for my 7th birthday. We followed the instructions on Blue Peter and put him away to hibernate in the loft every year, then one summer he escaped and I never saw him again. Thank you for this lovely picture, it takes me right back xx

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