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  1. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    Goodness! What a week. I'm voting for a reboot, if you want to join me. I hope the painkillers work and stop leaving you fuzzy. I hope the situation at school improves too. Hideous. Here's to next week. #wotw

  2. Northumberland Mam

    Eek! That shopping bill….I spent £140 this week and was nearly crying. lol I did get a few Christmas things though.
    Aww! Bless you! What a rubbish week!
    Poor Star. After everything I can't believe those horrid boys are still bullying her. I hope they get excluded from the school….Grr!
    Sending love and hugs! I hope things are better soon for you x

  3. Reading Residence

    Oh, it sounds bad, really bad. So sorry that you've had such a tough week, what with the pain and the disappointments. I hope your pain eases soon and you can look forward to your wedding despite the absences x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  4. angiemwebster77

    I'm sorry to hear you have had such a rubbish week and been in so much pain. I hope next week is so much better for you all x #WotW

  5. mummyshire

    This does sounds like a rather bad kinda week – a whole catalogue of bad, so sorry it's been such a tough week. I really hate going to those big supermarkets because you can spend so much money without really realising. I do hope your back and pain get better soon. And it's such a shame about your youngest being bullied. Don't give up with the school, I'm sure they'll find a way to help you somehow.

  6. rebeccabeesley

    Oh Anne – what a week. Wishing and hoping for you that this coming week will be far more postive, far less pain and some really good things to happen for you. xxx

  7. Richard Hatfield

    It's not been a decent week.

    How about we start toward the start. Monday began alright, I ran sustenance shopping with Graham. We went to a major market and I got the chance to ride around in one of those mechanized shopping trollies. I wager you've seen them by the passageway and figured, 'goodness on the off chance that I could wizz around the store on one of them, wouldn't it influence shopping fun.' To well, it isn't so much that terrible, with the exception of that it's extremely hard not running into individuals who are in their very own universe, or in a surge, or not looking where they are going. I've not had a mishap yet, but rather it implies a considerable measure of focus for my benefit. Anyway, we were there for around one and half hours and I was getting exceptionally tormented and tired when we got to the checkout. Our shopping came to £195 which was a tremendous stun. I ordinarily spend around £160 and still, at the end of the day I've popped something additional into the bushel, similar to a jumper or dress from the apparel extend. Be that as it may, this was simply broad shopping and I couldn't work out why I'd gone over, I even had a shopping list with me.

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