Should You Prioritize Your Career Before Having Kids?

Did you have a career before kids, or did you have kids first? Can either way work? I’ve been given an article to share about whether it’s better to prioritize your career before having kids. I have my own opinions on the matter as I did things a little differently to the normal way. 
A lot of
women who want the best of a career they love and a family they adore might
wonder if they should prioritize their career before they end up having kids.
This is a valid question, after all, as raising a family while working
full-time is no easy feat. Ultimately, to come to the right conclusion for you,
you need to consider the pros and cons of both options.  

The Benefits of Putting
Your Career Before Your Kids

The great
thing about today’s society is the fact that women aren’t looked down upon if
they decide to hold off on getting married and having children. You can totally
focus on going to school and getting a great education in your 20s so you can
set yourself up for a lifetime of success. So go ahead and get your bachelors,
masters, and even your doctorate degree. If you want to work as a nurse, for
example, you can certainly pursue your nurse practitioner doctorate degree from
a school like Bradley University. Or if you want to enter the
exciting world of business, you can get your MBA and become a leader at a
company you’ll thrive in.
In other
words, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pursue your higher education, even
if your long-term plans are to settle down and start a family. So, go to
school, date, get engaged, and get married if you want, but don’t have kids
until your career is firmly established. Otherwise, you’ll end up having to hit
the pause button on your career, and that could throw you off.

The Benefits of Putting
Kids Before Your Career

Even though
there are a lot of benefits associated with putting your career before your
aspirations for becoming a mother, there are also plenty of women who end up getting married and having children before they have
totally established their careers. And there are career women who take a break
from their careers to raise their kids for a few years before returning to the
workforce. There are even those women who don’t skip a beat because they take
their maternity leave and then head right back to work, so having kids doesn’t
even affect their career at all. So, this is definitely an option that you can
pursue if you want to be sure that you’re going to start a family while you’re
still in your 20s or very early 30s.

Go Back to School

Thanks to
technology, you can now be a full-time mom and still work on advancing your
education and your career. If you’re a nurse and you want to be an even better
nurse when you return to work after having kids, for example, you can search
for online doctoral nursing programs and get your degree from home. So, this is
yet another option that will give you the best of both worlds.

you don’t have to make any sacrifices. You can plan to have kids before your
career or vice versa and still have it all.
I don’t think I’m a career minded person and I certainly went for family first. However, as I got older I craved for more education. I started my degree at the age of 27, I was already married with two small children. I studied with the Open University and did most of the work at home. I did have a few weeks away at a time for intensive study at university, I went to Cardiff twice and then Brighton.  My first intentions where to get a degree and go into teaching, then I found a passion for psychology and changed direction. In the end I decided against the careers of either teaching or psychology when I landed a really good job in an academic library. I loved it there and was happy with my choice. By this time my children were in Secondary School and I was a single mum. 
So I managed to combine education with bringing up children and landed my ideal job as my children got older. It worked for me and these days it is an easy choice to make. 
I did go on to have more children with a different partner so I suppose you could say I had a career after having kids and before having kids. 
Another point you need to think of is fertility, it is much better for younger women than older. Once you hit your mid to late 30s it can become more difficult to conceive. 
What do you think? Did you put your career first before starting a family, or visa versa? And can you have it all?

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  1. debsrandomwritings
    December 3, 2016 / 7:05 am

    Hi Anne, I always wanted to be a vet and never had plans to get married or have children. I got into college to do the things I needed, but never went (too many people scare me). I left to travel instead. Now many years down the line I am married with two children and no career, would I change a thing? Not a chance!

    I believe people should aspire to live the lives they want without the fear of judgement. Career, no career, children, no children, family, no family. Life can be short, we must live it as we want.


  2. December 3, 2016 / 10:52 pm

    I agree Deb, I think if you can look back without regrets then it really doesn't matter. I sometimes wonder what it would have been like had I continued with my career choices but in the end I really enjoyed the job I ended up doing. I would go back in an instant if it were possible.

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