Folli One Review and Competition

My husband started getting a bald patch way too young (yeah, they all say that!) and keeps his hair really short to try and hide this fact.

It’s a shame because I did love his wild and curly hair. I don’t suppose he’ll ever go back to the wild and curly look, but I do prefer him with hair than without.

A few months  ago he tried some FolliOne  Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo and amazingly his hair loss stopped and he even had a few tufts growing where he’d previously been bald. I tried the shampoo too as I’ve been prone to a lot of hair loss myself. Although I’m not going bald I did find a lot of loose hair in the shower after washing my hair, and it fell out so much I have had to keep it tied up tight while cooking. Also my hair brush was always full of loose hair after I’d brushed it. Since using FolliOne Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo my loss has decreased and my hair feels thicker and the improvement is very noticeable.

Then we were contacted and asked if we would like to try more FolliOne products, the Extra  Strength Growth Stimulator  and the Liquid Hair Nutrition.

My husband has been trying these for a few weeks now and this what we have found.

FolliOne Anti Hair Loss Shampoo.

This shampoo claims to  regrow hair and reduce hair loss, improve the condition of your scalp, prevent dandruff and make your hair thicker with more volume. That’s a lot to expect from a shampoo. When I had the first bottle I really didn’t expect much, but as I have already claimed we were pleased with the performance we found after just a few weeks use. 
It contains no sulfates, no silicone, no parabens, no formaldehyde and no synthetic colours or fragrances. It is also not tested on animals.

The shampoo is meant to be used as a regular shampoo and as frequently as you washed your hair. We both use this and although my husband uses his like a regular shampoo I prefer to massage it into my dry hair, then rinse it out and wash with my regular shampoo. The smell is not too strong and it doesn’t last, but I did find it a little drying and preferred the smell of my regular shampoo and conditioner.  We both had similar results of hair growth and prevention of loss.

FolliOne Liquid Hair Nutrition.

This liquid promotes hair growth from the inside. It is packed with vitamins and minerals and can be used instead of any usual dietary supplements. It can be used by men or women but I opted to let my husband take this as I felt he needed it more. 
You take a little pot of the liquid each day before food. The taste is said to be pleasant but we found it not nice at all. The good news is that it’s ok to mix it in with fruit to make a smoothie. If you’ve ever taken a vitamin and mineral liquid you will be familiar with the taste, it does smell and taste a little like orange or vitamin C.

I like that the liquid is a dietary supplement so even if it doesn’t improve your hair you will still get lots of healthy benefit from drinking it. It’s good to be able to have something that works from the inside to compliment the products that are applied on the hair.

FolliOne Extra Strength Growth Stimulator.

The growth stimulator is applied to the area where you require more hair growth. It comes with a dropper for ease of application and you only need to apply 1ml a day. This one is for men only and works best on males under the age of 45. 
The product claims to increase hair growth and decrease hair loss, give visibly thicker hair and promote slow and steady hair growth. It needs to be used over a longer period of time to give the desired effect, regular use over four months should give the required results. The product needs to be applied twice daily.
I’ve not tried this personally because some of the ingredients may encourage growth hair in other places which is not really what us women want. The good news is there is also a similar product made especially for women.

Our Opinion

We really thought the shampoo to be a great product, that’s why we were happy to try more products from the FolliOne range. My hair has stopped falling out so much and my husband has already experienced some hair growth. With further use my husband is hoping to see more success and I will update my post when this happens. 
All products are easy to use and to slip into a daily routine. Apart from the taste of the liquid nutrition we have no complaints about the use of any of these products. The taste can be improved by making a smoothie with the mixture. 
I do think that it would be silly to expect these type of products to produce a miraculous mane of hair in a relatively short time, but we have already seen an improvement in the amount and condition of hair in the short time we have been using them. 
I can now offer you the chance to win two products of your choice from the FolliOne range. Just fill in the following widget for your chance of winning. You can visit the site to see what products are available for both men and women.

Win a choice of any two Follione products #5

Disclosure: we were sent the products for free to try and review. Products like this can take a long time to work so I cannot claim any hair growth miracles just yet, but I will update after a month or so to let you know how my husband is getting on. I can vouch for the shampoo as we have been using this for longer and it really does improve the look and feel of your hair with regular use and my hair loss has decreased a lot. I hope you have found this review helpful and good luck with the competition. 


  1. Lilly Anne Shayn
    December 26, 2016 / 11:07 am

    FANTASTIC prize! I have entered the competition for my husband as he has started to loose hair on the top of his head (i think mainly from stress)… he is very self consious about it and would try ANYTHING!! He would be so very happy if I won this for him to try out! Fingers, toes and everything else crossed! xx

  2. Deborah Mackenzie
    December 26, 2016 / 7:10 pm

    this would be fantastic for my daughter who is suffering from hair loss and thinning due to medical problems. It is so sad as she had the most beautiful thick hair!

  3. Danielle Bassford
    December 28, 2016 / 8:50 pm

    id love to win the mens one for my dad as his started to lose his hair and is quiet self conscious 🙁 x

  4. November 25, 2017 / 6:25 am

    I absolutely love this product, love the smell, the tingling, and what I love more about it is the new hair growth, I wish I had taken a picture of what my scalp looked like before, I'm just super happy with my results. I'll be buying this product again and totally recommend it.

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A little Note About Positive Reviews on Raisie Bay

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