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  1. Reading Residence

    This is so true, and with our busy lives we don't stop and think about each day. I do keep a gratitude journal daily which makes me find three positive things each day, but in the every day moment I am often rushing about, looking forward. Thanks for the reminder x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  2. liquoriceuk

    So very true. I started sharing one thing each day that I was grateful for and it helped me notice the little things more. It's all too easy to look ahead rather than enjoying the here and now though. Frost outside is beautiful in many ways. Hope 2017 will be a positive year for you x #WotW

  3. mummyhereandthere

    Totally agree should try to look for good things even the small things are something, All the best for the new year X #wotw

  4. karenblower

    Wise words indeed, we all need to stop and take each day as it comes sometimes. A very beautiful post. Best wishes for 2017 x

  5. mummyshire

    I'm probably guilty of being too concerned about planning and looking forward and no really absorbing everything in the here and now. It's a good reminder as time with the children rushes by so very, very quickly!
    Hope you had a good Xmas break and new year

  6. angiemwebster77

    I totally agree with you Anne, I've been concentrating on gratitude lately and it's making me feel so much better. I've been in that place where it feels like nothing will ever be good again and I'm determined never to return. You sound so much more positive and it's lovely to hear x #WotW

  7. ourlittleescapades

    These are excellent words of wisdom, I really need to do this more. I always worry about what will go wrong. Expect things to go wrong. It's now my mind is set #WotW sorry it's late x

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