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  1. shazjera

    I knew that was you Anne (before reading your text). Love your memory.

    My mum's birthday was 2nd January. She passed in 1986 (at 58) and I still miss her. I still honour her birth day.

    Have a great week. x

  2. shazjera

    I was blessed to have a good relationship with my mum Anne. I would rather have the time I did than a different type of relationship (if that makes sense!). xx

  3. raisiebay

    haha, yes, i remember I hated this photo so much when I was young because I was nearly as tall as my mum and I hated being tall. Two of my kids are already taller than me and my 11 yr old is almost as tall as me now!

  4. coombemill

    Love the story behind the photo, you were quite the fashionable girl in 1977 I remember having a long skirt much the same!

  5. debsrandomwritings

    Oh Ann, that is a lovely photo. Your face is happy and smiling and you don't look awkward at all. My Mum used to make our clothes too, which I am sure is the reason I'm not at all into sewing!


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