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  1. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Anne, what a lovely way to document your children growing up. Over time our memories change, at least this way you can remember your children exactly as they were.

    Thank you for linking up to the #MMBC

  2. jripatti

    Oh what a lovely way to recall each child individually and be able to look back on them as they grow and change along the way. I love it. Popping over #ordinarymoments

  3. victoria welton

    This is a great way to assess your children as they grow up. They all sound like unique and wonderful characters. I saw Boo's cake yesterday and I think she stands a great chance with her ambition x #MMBC

  4. genuineplacebo

    It's so lovely to see how they are similar, how they differ and how much – or not so much – they have changed. You should definitely do these posts regularly x

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