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  1. Lisa

    Oh my goodness, my mum used to do this too and I never caught a thing. I did eventually get chicken pox when I was around 7 or 8 and kindly passed it on to my cousin, who passed it on to his brother. Pleased to hear your household has got it out of the way now and that you can't get shingles, that's the last thing you need #MMBC xx

    PS for some reason I couldn't get to your blog via the linky, so got to you via google xx

  2. mamagination

    Great post! Our friends group have one little guy with it, but where we are the kids do get vaccinated which means it's just not so bad when they do get it but they still get it! Which has actually proved worse because it's more difficult to diagnose and to spot early on. So we are all in the dark! I would much rather my son just gets it and and it's done! The joys 🙂 #postsfromtheheart

  3. raisiebay

    Yes, I've heard that the vaccination makes things more difficult. I know there can be complications with Chicken Pox, but it's very rare, You just need to keep your children away from pregnant women and all should be well.

  4. Catherine

    I hope everybody feels better soon!

    I have shingles at the moment and my doctor says that once you have the chicken pox virus in your body it can reactivate itself later in life and return as shingles. Take good care of yourself too and if you have any symptoms get to your doctor quickly!


  5. raisiebay

    Sorry to hear that Catherine, I hope you feel better soon. My immune system is very bad but I think it's on a boost at the moment after the immuniglobulin I received. x

  6. rebeccabeesley

    what interesting chicken pox stories you have to tell! one of my friend's always tells me of how her husband had chicken pox on their wedding day. Hope that star and little man are soon feeling better. It always amazes me how differently it can affect different children – J had it really well with one spot on his face and only a few on his body and felt fine throughout. D had it badly feeling very unwell. And miss T, well you know about her situation! We had her immunity checked with her last blood test and thankfully she does have immunity at the moment – because of the treatment they gave her there was no guarantee that her body would have built up it's own immunity. Wishing you all good wishes and get well soon wishes. xxx

  7. differentiationiseasy

    I'd forgotten that that used to be the done thing. We had a chicken pox party at a friend's house once! I hope your three all get over them quickly and that you manage to get some rest with all of them poorly. Sending much love! #PostsFromTheHeart

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