Word of the Week -Expectations

It was difficult to choose a word this week, not because so much of what happened is not linked but because I couldn’t fit it all into a neat category. I chose Expectations because nearly everything we expected to happen didn’t and we had to change plans so many times.

On Monday we were going out for the day but forgot to charge my wheelchair so had to cancel. It was such a lovely sunny day though so we decided to go to the park instead with my manual wheelchair. When we got there hubby had forgotten the foot rests so I had to walk with my sticks instead.

On Tuesday we decided to have our day out and although we had originally thought about going to Stourport on Severn, we ended up going to Stratford on Avon instead. I had hoped for a picnic by the riverside but the weather had changed and we decided that a meal inside was the best bet, of course the kids wanted to go to Mc Donalds!

We did go down to the river but we got a little lost and ended up walking down the canal instead. Things were not going right so I decided on one of my back up plans, we went to the MAD museum. Just a short walk away from the river (Canal) front and right in the middle of the town, you could be almost forgiven for missing the MAD museum. It’s not a huge place but it is jam packed with things to see and interact with. MAD stands for Mechanical Art Design and some of the pieces were outstanding.

I’ll be writing up a full post on our visit soon, I even have a lot of video footage to sort out.

Wednesday we stayed home and chilled but on Thursday I had an appointment for blood tests and ECG. I wanted to go to Tesco after the appointment and there is one just a few minutes from home. However, I was informed last minute that what I wanted was not available there so we went to the next nearest Tesco which is actually in a lovely village down lots of winding country lanes. Quite different to what we were expecting from a Tesco visit.

As you can see, a lot of our expectations where not reached, but we made the best of everything that was thrown in the way and I can say we’ve had a good week.

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