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  1. raisiebay

    Oh they are naughty. I can't have bird feeders as I have cats, one of which is a great hunter. I'm surprised he hasn't gone for the squirrels but they are so fast.

  2. comfortspring

    It doesn't matter the geography of their roots, they are your trees and companions. That's how I feel about the trees I see in the distance.

  3. debsrandomwritings

    Hi Anne, every Sunday I seem to miss your Sunday photo! I don't remember seeing this one. Those are two very cheeky squirrels! When we stayed with my sister they had a big fat one that hung around their garden too and their garden backed onto other gardesns… Go on paint the fence like a rainbow! How fun would that look and it's bound to make you smile every morning. Can you sit at the bottom of your garden and observe the goings on around the canal?… I like to see the changing of the tree with the season too. It's like a slideshow of the seasons.


  4. Nes

    If the squirrels are burying the nuts then you'll be seeing plenty of trees soon. My parents are always pulling up hazelnut trees in their garden!

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