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  1. liquoriceuk

    Glad to hear that you have a little more energy as a result of the infusions and hope that they continue to work well for you. I can relate to seeing the same faces in appointments – it is nice to see a familiar face in those situations. Hope you have a good weekend x #WotW

  2. Cheryl

    You've got me believing in them too. I'm so glad you can feel the difference in your energy levels. Nice to see familiar faces too. I bet you've got through some reading matter this week. Hope it continues to feel good. #wotw

  3. angiemwebster77

    That's such fantastic news Anne that the infusions seem to be working in your favour. It must be great to have that extra burst of energy, I really do hope it makes lots of positive difference to you. It's nice that you can chat to people who are going through the same thing too. I hope you have a lovely weekend x

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