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  1. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    Good to hear a positive story. Star's school sounds like it is on the ball. I'd add that no-one should be afraid to move their children to a different school, if it's not working for the child. I did and could not be happier with our choice. Not all schools are the same. #MMBC

  2. Northumberland Mam

    I'm glad things are going so well….It really does make a difference when the school is good.
    I feel glad that my youngest girls teacher is so supportive and there has been a change of head teacher. Things have been so positive for us over the last few months. x

  3. clairesaul

    It sounds like your children are having a good experience at school, which is great. As a school governor it really concerned me when the government changed the way in which SEN education was funded and assessed a couple of years ago. I know that when networking with local governors, we were really concerned about whether the necessity for schools to fund the first £6000 for each child's care would actually deter schools from applying for EHCPs. Although I am a parent, I have only experienced SEN education as a governor and particularly as EYFS gov – I was involved on several occassions in complaints procedures and found there to be failings all round, and a complete lack of joined up thinking & planning between agencies. As an ex nurse I can find my way around the services!! Today the education of children with SENs has hit the British press again – highlighting waiting times, the numbers now home schooling etc, and I do fear that we are failing too many. BUT it is fantastic when we hear of experiences like your family's! #TheMMLinky

  4. mackenzieglanville

    I am so glad Star has found such a wonderful supportive school, I know friends who struggle so much and have schools let them down, so this is such a positive story, thank you so much for sharing it with #mg

  5. Lisa Pomerantz

    Positivity certainly helps in every situation, and it looks like you have your share of it! Keep on, and keep sharing it! <3 <3 #mg

  6. Kel @ SchoolRunShop

    Lovely to hear that even though things haven't been perfect, you make the most of things and turn them into positives! We've been relatively lucky with schools and EHCPs etc too, especially after watching the BBC Breakfast features this week! Thanks for linking up with #TheMMLinky again x

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