The Simple Car Maintenance Tasks Drivers Can and Can’t Do

I remember, many moons ago, I was having an issue with my car battery. My car was refusing to start some mornings and I would have to ask a neighbour to give me a jump start. It was obvious the battery wasn’t holding power and I needed a new one. Feeling confident that I could change it myself I went to a car shop which was only a five minute walk away to buy a new battery. Little did I realise just how heavy car batteries are and that five minute walk home carrying a battery was a complete nightmare. In the future I’ll be sure to go to Kwik Fit where they run a battery testing service and I won’t get caught out again.

Do you look after your car or do you take it to the garage at the first hint of anything needing doing to it? For many years I was quite proud of the things I learnt to do to look after my car. My brother showed me how to change a wheel but although I have never had to do it, at least I would know what to do.

There are new changes proposed to the driving test where new drivers are supposed to know basic maintenance of their cars. The AA conducted a Survey  of over 18,000 drivers and found out that;

68% of drivers were unsure of how to change the oil and oil filter.
53% were unsure of how to check if the power steering is working.
38% were unsure to check that there is a safe level of brake fluid.
35% were unsure of how to change a flat tyre by fitting a spare wheel.
26% were unsure of how to change a window screen wiper blade and how to top up the cooling system with anti-freeze
21% were unsure of how to check the tyre tread depth.
15% were unsure of how to top up the engine oil.
9% were unsure of how to check the tyre pressure
8% were unsure of how to check the engine oil level
5% were unsure of how to top up the windscreen washer fluid
4% were unsure of how to open the bonnet of their car.

Only today I witnessed someone having to help another driver to top up their windscreen washer fluid!

Your car is your responsibility and although you may rely on your garage to fix any issues there are many maintenance tasks that you should be able to perform yourself.
Do you know how to do the things on the list above?

hands on a car steering wheel
photo courtesy of Matheus-Ferrero-1 on Unsplash

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