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  1. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    I’ve not heard this before. Fun. I know the Inuits are meant to have many word for snow (but probably don’t) and after seeing the powdery snow turn more sticky, I can see why. It was fun to have, but I feel like I’m through with winter and want to move on into spring. Hope you catch up with appointments and everything else. #keepingitreal

  2. Plutonium Sox

    Haha I like the song, I’d never heard of it. Love Stephen Fry! I hope all is back to normal with you now. We had two lovely snow days and enjoyed lots of sledging and appreciated the excuse to walk to the pub for lunch but it’s great that it’s gone now and all is back to normal. #keepingitreal

  3. Kim Carberry

    I haven’t heard that song before….It’s a strange one.
    My girls had great fun in the snow on Wednesday and Thursday but we were so over it by Saturday by Sunday thanks to the rain it was just about gone….Now it’s like it was never here. We have rain. Ugh x

  4. Carol

    I’m not sure I know 3 words for snow much less 50. I like Stephen Fry but just saying 50 words as a recording does seem odd except it’s Stephen Fry. Not for him. #KeepingItReal

  5. Catie: Spectrum Mum

    I must admit to having some pangs of jealousy that we missed the snow in Holland but I hate driving in it and heard about the chaos. Hope you got your pipes sorted. We had a burst pipe too, which emptied the central heating system. Thank goodness it was quickly sorted as it was freezing despite there not being snow here. I’ve never heard that Kate Bush song before! #keepingitreal

  6. Debbie

    Hi Anne, how funny (the song), I’ve never heard it before. Doesn’t Stephen Fry have something to do with a word society or something similar in the UK?… I can’t imagine how cold it must have been without heating! It’s making me shiver just thinking about it. It’s a shame you didn’t get photos, I do enjoy nosing at the snow through over peoples lenses, although I wouldn’t want to be in it (well maybe for an hour or so)… It’s a shame your Pizza Express evening got cancelled, I used to really enjoy Pizza Express and I bet it’s much better now… May spring soon be with you!

    Thank you for linking up with #keepingitreal.


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