Healing from the Inside, Repairing a Leaky Gut

I have been sick for just over two years now. I have an auto-immune disease and I’m pretty sure it’s made worse because of my leaky gut and my weight.

I have decided that by dealing with my weight and thinking about what I put inside my body is the path I must take to start healing.

Leaky Gut

I have a poorly gut. I’m no doctor but I am convinced it’s either the cause of my issues or it exacerbates them. Before I got sick I was having a lot of problems with bloating, stomach pain, constipation etc. I even had a CT scan which showed that I had a lot more gas inside me than was normal, it was leaking into my womb. I was going to seek further help but then I ended up in hospital. I know the problem is still there, but I’ve decided I am the one who can tackle it.

What is a leaky gut? The medical term is ‘Intestinal permeability’ and it’s when the lining of the small intestine becomes damaged causing the things it contains to leak through into the blood stream. This can cause an autoimmunse response.

Symptoms of a leaky gut include migraines, irritable bowel, eczema, chronic fatigue, food allergies and even rheumatoid arthritis.

It sounds like a pretty serious condition but it’s not mentioned often. In fact a lot of medical professionals don’t believe it exists.

A leaky gut can be caused by food and/or medication. A particular culprit is over-the-counter pain relief that contains aspirin.

Repairing a Leaky Gut and Healing from the Inside

The obvious way to repair a leaky gut is to think about what you are putting in your body and improve your diet.


Last year, after I’d put on a lot of extra weight during steroid treatment, I decided to try a Paleo Diet.

What does the Paleo diet involve?

You should avoid, grains, rice, beans and pulses, dairy products, processed foods, sugar, artificial sweeteners, soft drinks, ready meals, refined vegetable oils, chocolate and sweets, refined table salt.

You can have, meat,  fish, seafood, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fresh fruit, olive oil, coconut oil, nut oil, honey, coconut sugar, nut and seed milks, and even coffee and alcohol in moderation.

It’s not that bad is it?

I lasted a few months but it became a little too difficult. I liked my bread and rice too much. I have taken a few things from the diet though. My dairy intake is very limited, I’m a big fan of almond milk. I have cut down considerably on sugar, I do have sweet treats, but not regularly. I no longer eat pasta, but I wasn’t so keen on it anyway. I have never been a fan of processed foods so I although I have them, I don’t indulge often. I also try to eat gluten free whenever I can. I’ve never used table salt although I do add salt, usually rock salt, while cooking.

a healthy meal of fruit and juice

Time to Lose weight

Although I lost a little bit of weight last year, eleven pound to be precise, my body mass index (BMI) is still 30. I am still suffering from bloating and constipation, so I know my gut is still leaking. I’ve decided that it’s time to lose weight and I think I’ve found something that works for me.


I met Charlie in hospital while we were both having infusions. He has MS and is a true warrior. He was diagnosed 10 years ago and was in wheelchair. With a lot of work he know walks and drives and is living his life as well as he can. To get this far he has tried everything, and has worked out a combination of things which have increased his mobility and given him his life back.

One of the things that Charlie is enthusiastic about is Herbalife. We had a chat and I decided to try some. I chose the vanilla shake and substitute one of my meals in father of a shake with added fruit. Each shake contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals. I’ve recently suffered from a lack of vitamin D, vit. C and Vit. B12. I’ve also taken supplements of magnesium which help with my leg cramps. a Herbalife shake contains all  of these and more so I no longer need to take any supplements.

Since staring Herbalife I have felt a little better and I have lost 7lb. I’m convinced that the shake is helping and I’ve just ordered my second tub.

Mindful Chef

I have also decided to eat more healthily and instead of having the hassle of researching meals and getting in what I need, as well as all the shopping I need for the rest of the family, I have decided to try a food box. With health in mind I went for Mindful Chef. These boxes are delivered with everything you need and all the food is reduced in sugar and refined carbs. You can choose whatever meals you want and when you want it. I have two meals, which are for two people, so I split them up and make myself four meals. It works for me and in combination with my herbalife shake for lunch and a healthy (gluten free) breakfast, I am hoping for some good results.

If you would like to try Mindful Chef you can get £20 off your first box by giving my e-mail address when you sign up. (okesanne@gmail.com)

a plate of food, sweet potato chips, haddock and a small salad of tomato and lambs lettuce

Fish and chips, Mindful Chef style

My Goal

First and foremost I want to heal my leaky gut, and I also want to lose weight. I am hoping to lose the two stone I put on since being sick. As I can’t exercise much I need to rely on what I eat. I hope that once the weather gets a little better I can go for some outdoor exercise with my walker. I can’t go very far, but hopefully I’ll be able to build up to do a little more.


Have you heard of a leaky gut?

What do you do to keep healthy?


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  1. March 7, 2018 / 5:39 pm

    I haven’t heard of a leaky gut but it sounds awful…It sounds like you are doing everything you can to get healthy.
    I do like the sound of those food boxes x

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