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  1. The Reading Residence

    Oh, he is adorable! He looks and sounds so sweet, it must be lovely for all of you to have him around and I do hope that he gets on with Sabrina when they’re introduced. I’ve never had a cat and never will as the husband and I are both allergic to them, so I’m always a bit jealous when I see people with cute kittens!! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  2. Louisa

    He is just too cute! I bet he will still be sleeping on your bed in a years time! You forget how tiny they are as kittens. Our cat is a great big beast now but still has his naughty kitten moments. I would love another but am not sure how to 2 would get along. How do you get them used to each other? #wotw

  3. Cheryl

    He is such a baby still. What a cutie and so fluffy too. Fingers crossed that Sabrina accepts him. Great for her to have feline company. #wotw

  4. Angela Webster

    He’s adorable Anne, he looks so fluffy. Our cat Mo was a timid kitten and can still be a bit scatty now but we love him so. I would love to have more cats but I don’t think he would like it, he’s very territorial. I hope the meeting between them goes well x

  5. Sarah Christie

    Aw he is absolutely adorable I can see why you let him snuggle I would too. We have a wild ginger kitten in our garden he is so sweet but wild, Chris is allergic to cats so I cant encourage him in and I am not sure how Toby would be with him x

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