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  1. Angela Milnes

    This is a great book. I love non fiction and this looks like it has a lot of educational things within it. It would be great to try some of these activities like making Dandelion Syrup or collecting water. Thanks for linking up to #kltr

  2. Laura's Lovely Blog

    My two oldest children have done forest school at school and pre-school and have loved it, I think they would truly love this book – I think outdoor activities are so important for children #KLTR

  3. Jeff

    Your blog on ‘Forest School Adventure’ is a breath of fresh air in the digital landscape, offering a wholesome and nature-inspired escape. Your vivid descriptions and engaging narrative bring the forest school experience to life, making readers feel the rustle of leaves and the warmth of the sun on their faces. The way you convey the essence of outdoor learning and the joys of connecting with nature is truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing the beauty and benefits of forest school adventures. Your blog is not just a read; it’s an invitation to embrace the wonders of the natural world. Keep up the fantastic work, and may your readers continue to be enchanted by the spirit of outdoor exploration!

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