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  1. MotherGeek

    Aww this is amazing!
    I’d love to hear from my Turkish Childhood pen pals now! (Also, my laptop keeps autocorrecting penpals to pencils – a sign of the times perhaps?? #blogtober18

  2. Daydreams of a Mum

    A a huge letter writing fan I couldn’t love this story more!!!Honestly that’s just brilliant !! I love all the little circumstances that came together to make it happen. I imagine this is how the love of my life is going to find me and old rediscovered letter leading to sweeping off my feet and all the romance….. #blogcrush

    • Anne Sweet

      ah, if only my story had ended in romance. I actually didn’t hear from him again for many years later, but after him reading this post he explained for the first time why. That’s another story in itself! I guess some people are not destined to be together, we are both married to other people now.

  3. Enda Sheppard

    Lovely story Anne. Kate Bush really is fab. Amazing talent and unique approach. You certainly must have had great taste in music as a teen, and I presume you still have. #BlogCrush

  4. berni

    I’m afraid I won’t get a bonus point but i doso love this story and the idea of the missing etter. I was just thinking actuall that i am overdue a letter from my penpal .. #blogcrush

  5. Kids of the Wild

    Serendipity ahoy, it’s a small world! I had a couple of penfriends I’d love to get in touch with now but sadly I wasn’t in the KB fan club so it sounds like my chances are slim! Be amazing if he does read this. #BlogCrush

  6. Lucy At Home

    Oh wow what a great story. I went on a school exchange to Sweden and we stayed int he kids’ houses. I wrote quite a few times to the Sweedish girl I stayed with but eventually the letters started to dwindle. I’d love to have a surprise letter from her one day! #blogcrush

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