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    • Anne Sweet

      I now consider her lucky, because most people with EDS who get cranial instability have it happen at a much later stage (late teens/early 20s) and Drs in this country refuse to operate x

  1. Debbie

    Hi Anne, a broken nose sounds painful, it’s making my eyes water just thinking about it!… I can see why you nicknamed your little star, Star. It’s amazing what children can go through without bearly a grumble. That neck contraption does not look comfortable in the least!


  2. Mackenzie Glanville

    perfect name for your little girl, what a brave girl, so much to face at such a young age. Kids seem to find a strength that as adults we struggle to find, they make us grow so much, they teach us so much! She and you are inspirational, thank you for sharing this blog post with #ABloggingGoddTime

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