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  1. chickenruby

    well done to big sister for stepping up to the mark and getting them to school, you can survive till christmas it just might not be all plain sailing, but you seem to be doing really well under the circumstances #keepingitreal

  2. Carik

    Sounds like the family pulled together to get it all done. Congratulations to your oldest daughter for tending the other 2 across the street. #keepingitreal

  3. Rebecca Beesley

    gosh I can totally relate to how autism can regularly throw a curve ball! We’ve had meltdowns this morning over exam week at school (and that was D who is not officially diagnosed but is suspected of being on the spectrum). Glad to hear things feel more positive now. xxx

  4. Debbie

    Good morning Anne, I feel your pain! A change of routine can throw me out of sync for days. On a positive note at least Ash has been desexed. It sounds as if you had a nice birthday. I like mine to be understated, but with nice goodies to eat too. I can’t remember the last time I made a pompom, but I do remember it being quite therapeutic…. Okay. I have to ask. Did you eat all three of those rather nice looking desserts?…

    Thank you for linking up with #keepingitreal


  5. Nicole - Tales from Mamaville

    Glad things are looking up; I’m sure December will bring happy vibes. Well done on dealing with the unexpected situations with calm and poise – utmost respect. I guess sometimes #itsok to go off the beaten path; it’s then that you realise your true inner strength. Thanks for joining us on the #itsok linky.

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