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  1. Carol

    Families and family relations are complex and times change. I miss the family members who are gone and think you’re right that some older members are the glue that holds the family close. #MMBC

    • Anne Sweet

      I too miss family that are no longer with us. It was my Nan that held everyone together, but she’s been gone 30 years now. Even my Mum has been gone 10 years this Christmas. Times certainly do change x

  2. Enda Sheppard

    It’s funny here in Ireland how in one generation, families have shrunk. I am one of six and my wife one of eight. We have two kids, as is now pretty common, but one of my sisters has five kids, and they are sometimes seen as almost a freak show when all out together!! I so remember all those cousins and the stuff we used to get up to, but now our lads only have one or two around the same age, and it’s definitely not the same. #MixItUp

  3. Helen Copson

    I’m lucky that all my family pretty much live in the same place and we see each other a lot. My three boys adore their slightly older cousins and they all go totally crazy when they’re together – the noise is something else! #ItsOK

  4. kate

    I love those days when we have loads of family over. I have three kids but despite having two uncles and 2 aunts they have so far only accrued one cousin between them! #ItsOK

  5. Debbie

    Hi Anne, treatment must feel easier in a place where everyone knows your name? And it sounds like Star is a very brave girl…. I come from an quirky family, if assesments were done I’m pretty sure Gregs isn’t the first with autism. Growing up I remember seeing family around Christmas time even though my Dads family were all in Exeter where we were ( I once sat on the bus to town next to a lovely lady, only to realise she was my Auntie & we found it the funniest thing ever). On the positive we always pulled together when it counted… My Mums family was all in Greece, so we only ever saw them every other year on holiday. I have three cousins in Athens I haven’t seen for years. Not for any other reason than it just never happens. I do wish it were easier to see my sister & her family, but at least when we see one another its like no time has passed… It must be strange growing up having family pop round for it to be different when you have children… How did you ever teach Little Man to pick up Lego? I swear I still step on pieces left from a time gone by!

    Thank you for stopping by and linking up with #keepingitreal.


    • Anne Sweet

      It was different with my older kids, we had lots of family on my ex husbands side that were always visiting, but with my little ones their Dad has only a few family members and mine are all old fogies, lol The Little Man is an expert lego picker upper and I do appreciate his efforts. xx

  6. One Messy Mama (@onemessymama4)

    I didn’t grow up with extended family, but now that I have 5 children, Christmas (although hectic) is a beautiful time for me. I love being with my family. I also have my mother in law and my husbands gran living with us. I love that my children get to grow up surrounded with all these special people. #itsoklinky

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