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  1. Enda Sheppard

    Read this yesterday, Anne, and could not respond immediately, for fear of writing something trite. It sounds like such a tough position to be in, but I love the fighting spirit and decency, kindness, humour and interest in others and all the other positive qualities that shine through in this and all your posts. #ABloggingGoodTime

  2. Sheryl

    Thanks for joining us this month, Anne. What a vulnerable and open piece. It really isn’t easy being a mother with chronic illness, especially when your children mean the world to you, yet you can’t give them every good thing you wish you could. I’m also glad that you are holding on to hope, and glad that you have such supportive family and people around you 🙂 Sending good thoughts your way, and hoping that your good days increase, so that you can spend the extra pockets of energy on your lovely family!

  3. Mackenzie Glanville

    I second what Enda wrote in his comment, it is hard to say the right words, but wow you are so brave and always sound so vibrant, I can only imagine how hard it would be to befriend it, I try to do that with Anxiety and Depression and somedays it kind of works other days I just hate it with a passion. Thank you so much for opening up and sharing with everyone including our link up #ABloggingGoodTime

  4. John Gatesby

    Its nice that your pour your heart out here Anne. Its always better to share with others, you feel a little unburderned. Its great that you practice mindfulness. I also do that, I follow teachings of apiritual master Eckhart Tolle, though hard for me but feel good after a 30 minutes meditation. If you need help with diagnosis and and a second opinion on your treatment, you can fill up this online questionaire, selecting all the symptoms that you have along with your contact information:
    John Gatesby recently posted…Do I Have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)?

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