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  1. Angela Webster

    How unique and very pretty, I used to wear a watch all the time but since I got a smartphone I don’t anymore. I love the clock face on that one, the design looks elegant. #MMBC

    • Anne Sweet

      Angela, I stopped wearing a watch too, but since I’ve been in a wheelchair I keep my phone in my bag and it’s not so easy to whip out in a hurry so I found myself asking my husband the time. Now, I don’t have to 🙂 It might seem a step backwards, but for someone who doesn’t live with their phone in their hand a watch is perfect.

  2. Elenor Shaw

    This post about wooden wrist watches shows your love for nature. I love the strap and clasp of this wooden watch. I must give it a try. I think it is a perfect gift for my hubby to present on his birthday.

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