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  1. Sarah MumofThree World

    Very well done to Boo! You must have been so proud. I must admit I did laugh a bit at the teenagers and their depressing lyrics!
    The wildflowers are lovely. I thing more public spaces should do this, it would really help the bee population. I’ve tried planting some, but they haven’t bloomed yet. I think they’re growing though!

  2. Enda Sheppard

    Love the meadow! Funny we had a similar experience with our daughter’s talent showcase. Previous school concerts have drawn out and somewhat shambolic but this one was more streamlined and structured. Really enjoyable as a result. Sometimes there is almost an indulgence in making us family members in the audience suffer through sloppily put together, repetitive things for the three minutes our darlings are onstage. Good to make it entertaining in its own right.

  3. betty - NZ

    A great combination! The flowers are gorgeous and I am always glad to see kids playing music. I enjoyed it when I was in school and carried the joy with me to adulthood;.

  4. Cheryl | TimeToCraft

    I love it when schools give nature a priority in their outdoor space. The wild flowers look amazing at Boo’s school. Must be buzzing with bees and pollinators. Well done Boo. I hope her band goes from strength to strength and lives up to its name. #MMBC

  5. Kate

    Well done to Boo! Thanks for capturing those images of wild flowers. Brightened my day a lot. Also I do like a wilder look in gardens generally. Remember visiting a home of Virginia Woolf’s years ago and loving the wild flowers there so you brought back memories #MMBC

  6. Sarah-Marie

    I’ve noticed a real abundance of wild flowers this year especially poppies cropping up all over the place. They look so pretty. Well done to Boo on her performance too. I’m sure she rocked. #MMBC

  7. Junieper/Jesh StG

    Wow, beautiful summer fields of flowers!
    Great she could practice with her dad:):) I play the guitar too, and I remember how nerve wracking a concert could be in my younger years. Give your daughter a high-five from me, and tell her i treally is true that it gets easier with time, and practice makes perfect:):)
    Have a new feature (Tue/Wed) called 90 Days of Summer (or Winter for the Aussies) that might interest you! Hope to see you there, and of course there is always All Seasons (Mon-Fri-noon)!
    Have a great summer week!

  8. nessjibberjabberuk

    In Rotherham they have stopped cutting the grass and sown wild flowers instead on the verges. They’ve saved a fortune on grass cutting and helped wildlife with it. Well done to Boo. It takes a lot to get up on stage to perform.

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