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  1. Tina arnold

    Very true . Life isn’t fair . None of us know what lies ahead . There are many many awful life changing illnesses and diseases which slowly turn the person into an active brain with a body that doesn’t respond like MS for example . People who have never known what it’s like to have good health and lead normal lives … maybe people don’t understand and can only think of what ails them at the time . But you are spreading awareness and hopefully more people will be tactful and more aware for the future x ❤️

    • Anne Sweet

      I have certainly changed my way of thinking about people who are hurting all the time. When I was healthy I just couldn’t get my head around it. But no-one knows what lies ahead. xx

  2. Sam

    People are werid when they stuff like this. I have autism and the comments are disgusting how can you compare the two as they are so different X #abitofeverything

  3. Laurie

    “At least you don’t have cancer” sounds like one of those clumsy things people say when they don’t know what to say. Unfortunately, it comes across as thoughtless and maybe even dismissive. I think you have an amazingly positive outlook, especially considering your situation. Hang in there and don’t let the thoughtless remarks get you down! You have a community of bloggers cheering for you!

  4. Lisa Pomerantz

    I have no words of wisdom for you, only thoughts of healing light and energy that I will send your way, always, and often. You are an inspiration. #abitofeverything xoxo

  5. Enda Sheppard

    Oh Anne … What a thing to have to endure. It is amazing how positive you strive to be, but equally hardly surprising that some days it’s just too much. Great post … But heck, the vapidness of that statement: ‘at least you don’t have cancer’ Loads of horrible ailments I don’t have, which should automatically make me feel better?

  6. Sarah - Mummykind

    I haven’t heard of this before but what a brilliant post raising awareness of this horrible illness you’re experiencing 🙁 for some reason, people are always critical of your suffering if there’s someone who they think has got it worse, but you’re allowed to feel and to be in pain and you’re absolutely spot on with this post! hang in there #abitofeverything

  7. Mrs A

    I really hate it when people use the “at least you dont have…. X” type comment. It belittles what a person is going though. Im glad you don’t have cancer, Im sorry you do have stiff person syndrome.

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