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  1. Around My Kitchen Table

    Avon representatives are lovely people. My elderly mother had taken ill when the Avon lady called and she phoned me. Even though she was busy she sat with my mum until I arrived. It was about half an hour later as I live quite a few miles away. The funny thing was my brother, then working a night shift, was asleep upstairs and slept through the whole incident! My late mum had forgotten he was home (she was in her 90s at the time!).

  2. Debbie

    Hi Anne, I have fond memories of our Avon lady coming to the house (every week if my memory serves me well). I also remember my first perfume being from Avon, it was a little glass bottle of sandalwood scented perfume and who doesn’t love Skin-So-Soft? The original, of course. I wish you luck in your new venture, which I’m sure you won’t need!


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