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  1. Debbie

    Hi Anne, that is one rather large looking reptile! If it’s not been given a name like Dave the bearded dragon then it’s not a cutie… Nicely photographed boo!… The Patagonian Mara is a bit of a misfit, I can see what you mean, it’s almost like it’s been made up from a bit of every other rodent.


    • Anne Sweet

      Yes, there was no sign before and we couldn’t make it out at all, while walking it looks like a small dear, but when curled up it has a huge rabbit like head! She’s a great photographer my Boo, I’m so glad I gave her my phone. I took my fancy camera and had it on the wrong settings…at least my videos turned out ok.x

  2. RachelSwirl

    I had to look closely then (glasses on) as I swear I could only see wood! Then I saw him – he’s a big guy! Thanks for sharing and linking up with #MySundaySnapshot.

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