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  1. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I hope that Star managed to find the SEND rooms ok on her first day back. I can imagine the house must feel very empty with everyone back at school – it certainly is much quieter in mine with Sophie back. But yes, nice to not have to think about what to do them for lunch! Hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you for hosting #WotW

  2. Laurie

    I can remember that empty feeling I would get each year when my kids would go back to school. Then I started teaching and I went back when they did! Enjoy your alone-time!

  3. Justin

    I haven’t noticed any difference this week, I’ve been on the early shift and picked Diddy man up from school as soon as I got home. Next week will be different, I will be on the late shift and I will notice his absence in the mornings…half term will soon be here 🙂 #WotW

  4. Karen

    It is quiet without them.. I can’t honestly say I’m complaining though, my two can be sooo noisy and much as I love music, hearing Sir’s blasting out of his room all day is not something I miss.. LOL Have a great weekend

  5. Kim Carberry

    I’m glad the return to school went well for the kids. I had to go to my dad’s on Wednesday when my youngest went back because I couldn’t stand being in the empty house worrying about how she was getting on. (she was fine). x

  6. Ojo Henley

    I normally miss them, when they go back, but this time…not so much! I think the 2 youngest have been off so long, I’m needing the break. I feel horrible saying it though x

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