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  1. Jenny @thebrickcastle

    I think it’s very easy to forget that Doctors might have spent years learning, they might be studious and highly intelligent, but they are unlikely to ever be as expert at your condition (which you live with 24 hours a day) as you are. I’ve been laughed at and ignored over my abdominal problems. I was even given a surgery that would never work because they massively underestimated what was wrong. It’s bittersweet when they open me up and find out I’m completely right.

    • Anne Sweet

      It’s definitely a bitter sweet experience isn’t it Jenny. I remember so well fighting for my daughter’s neck, I knew there was something really wrong but it took them months to realise that it wasn’t just a slip and needed major surgery. I guess they have to think about approaching things from the least evasive and (unfortunately) less expensive way. x

  2. Alex Newton

    I’m all about trying to be more positive. It’s difficult to maintain as I sometimes forget and get caught up in my old negative mind set.
    I love that you can remain so positive even when things are far from good.

    • Anne Sweet

      I suffer from depression, but I realise that it’s an illness. I think that helps me understand more that it’s better not to get down about the small things as life is hard enough as it is, the only way to get by is try and be as positive as possible. x

  3. Nikki Albert

    You know, I am constantly seeking meaning. I hope karma doesn’t exist because yeah, how hellish was I in a past life? But I do seek meaning in this existence in some way. Wherever I can find it.

    • Anne Sweet

      I always cringe when people mention karma because far too many bad things happen to good people. Remember, the reason for living is yourself, you just have to make do the best you can, which I understand fully can be truly difficult. x

  4. Sheryl

    Thanks for joining us again, Raisie! Interesting perspectives, especially on the dating part…being married twice, childhood sweethearts, etc, all so different from my own personal ‘timeline’ 🙂 Also agree on the series bit! I never used to watch any TV at all and thought it was a waste of productive time, but now I watch nearly every night, and don’t find it a waste of time, either. There’s so much to learn culturally just from watching a foreign series, life (past or present) in general, and generates ideas, too!

  5. Aaliya

    wow! Amazing article about life meaning. I think one of the best ways to make your life happy is. “do whatever you want” do not think about people or community

  6. Michelle

    Excellent post! I have fibromyalgia. I am luckier than many, because most of the time, I can manage it. I think maintaining a positive outlook is one of the most important tools in my kit bag. But I am well aware that remaining positive is one of the most difficult things for so many – especially those whose chronic illnesses are mental in nature.

    I am fully in the court that we must create our own meaning in life. I would never leave such an important decision up to anyone else.

  7. Rhiann

    A really lovely post Anne, I love your positive perspective and to focus on the good – something which sounds incredibly simple and obvious but can be so hard when going through the tough times. I hope you continue to enjoy Netflix, something I also like to indulge in especially when experiencing a flare. Take care x

  8. Lisa Ehrman

    I love your idea about the Duvet cover! I’ve never thought of doing that, but it saves money. It also makes it easier for kids (or anybody) to make their bed. Quilts are so heavy to pull one at a time. Thanks 🙂

  9. Ruthy Websdale

    I really liked your recounting points. Sometimes being able to look back analytically can reveal so much! I don’t keep a diary but I started blogging partly so i’d have a way of checking in with my past self.

  10. Eveline @ Activefamilychiroaz

    Just yesterday I started feeling similar pain starting from my right side of the neck and down the right side of my spine. It was so excruciating all I could do was scream out in pain. It took me too the ground It was so debilitating. I was thinking nerve pain but it’s possible it’s similar to this video. I do alot of physical work so it’s definitely related to that

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