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  1. Jenny @thebrickcastle

    Room is an excellent movie, but boy did I cry at that. A Quiet Place is also one I absolutely adored, but it’s really quite a terrifying thought. Have you seen Bird Box with Sandra Bullock. For some reason that resonated so much with me that I literally sobbed and sat bolt upright on the edge of my nerves the entire time. It was panned by critics, but actually does far better by audience rating.
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    • Anne Sweet

      I loved Bird Box, I watched with my teen when she was off school as she said most of her school mates had seen it. There was only one bit that scared her. Such a clever film. (plus I’m a big Sandra Bullock fan!) I think my older daughter would like it too, but she’s got this really abnormal aversion to pregnancy and birth and we’d have to skip those scenes.

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