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  1. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Captain Tom Moore is such a huge inspiration to so many right now – such an amazing achievement to raise so much money and it really did look like he received millions of birthday cards for his 100th birthday. Well done to Little Man on completing his challenge for his school project. Sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling with a headache this week and glad you are feeling better. How lovely to be challenging each other with board games at the moment and good luck with working out the final moves for the Rubik’s cube. It does seem that more people are venturing out at the moment – we’ve only been out for a walk every now and then or to pick up shopping but otherwise haven’t left home at all. The numbers are so sobering. Stay safe. Thank you for hosting #WotW.

    • Anne Sweet

      Every time I see Captain Tom on the Television I feel emotional. He’s such a humble and coherent person too. I do think that maybe since serving in the war life has served him well for him to be so solid at 100 years old. He’s nearly twice my age and I’m already less fit and probably less coherent 🙂 Thanks for linking up, have a lovely weekend x

  2. Emma

    Oh my goodness Captain Tom. The modesty of his initial goal filled my heart. To see what he’s achieved at 100 years old is just incredible isn’t it! I’m so grateful that there have been several positives in amongst all of this.

    I’m also finding the attitude of others a bit of a challenge right now as many don’t seem to be taking the lockdown too seriously. It’s tough, but we each just have to focus on our own families and being sensible. We can’t control the actions of others sadly, as much as we’d like to try…from a safe distance of course.

    So pleased to hear you’re safe at home. Hopefully we’ll be through to the other end soon x

    • Anne Sweet

      Yes, it’s sad that some people find it difficult to follow rules, but I also understand how difficult it is for those that need to be back working. Stay safe, and thanks for sharing your wonderful news x

  3. Laurie

    We have been reading about Captain Tom here in the US too. What an inspiration! So sorry to read that you had a 4-day headache. Glad you were able to take a break while allowing your Little Man to watch some educational TV. I love reading about all the families spending time together playing games. I hope that continues after the crisis is over.

    Sadly, I notice much more traffic on the roads now too. As a runner who has to dodge cars, it’s hard to miss. I hope people are staying safe. You stay safe, Anne! Have a good week.
    Laurie recently posted…Conversation And Ultimate Coffee

    • Anne Sweet

      WE love our board games here so I’m sure that will continue. It’s one of the things I am able to do with the kids. Thanks for linking up and have a lovely weekend.

  4. Kim Carberry

    Captain Tom really is a hero. What an amazing birthday he must have had.
    Well done your Little Man. It sounds like he did great.
    I am glad you’re feeling better now. Headaches are awful. Good luck with the BSL & the Rubiks Cube.
    It’s always on a Monday we seem to notice more people out and about here. They do seem to be keeping their distance, mostly.
    Have a lovely weekend x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…This week my Word of the Week is: Changes! #WotW

  5. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    I bet Captain Tom never imagined he’d become a household name and raise so much when he took the first step of his challenge. Inspirational. I’m sorry your headache lasted so long this week. Hope it is better now. I can’t get my children interested in the BBC Bitsize offerings. They do look. I’ve never mastered the Rubik’s cube. I still have my original one, which every now and again, someone else solves. I really should try again. Eldest has it on her list to learn BSL too, but is struggling to find a good course. What are you using? There is definitely an increase in traffic around us and less walkers. Hopefully people are being careful and keeping their distance. Hope you have a good weekend, and thank you for hosting.

    • Anne Sweet

      I’ve never seen Breaking Bad, I’ve a lot of friends who have watched it though. Maybe I should give it a go, I’m looking to watch something new.

  6. Catherine

    Challenge is a great word for the moment and some days are more challenging than others!

    So lovely to see heroes like Captain Tom recognised, he must have had an amazing birthday this year!


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