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  1. Carol

    It is indeed hard dealing with the quarantine and I feel empathy for your daughter. She is really doing her part by trying to keep her family safe. #MMBC

  2. Catherine

    It feels quite surreal to read this knowing that your family, our family and families all over the world are going through the same experience. I wouldn’t stress about the schooling, I love that my daughter has learnt other skills – mopping the floor, changing bedding and other small household tasks. It’s great preparation for when she leaves home and I also think it’s good for her to seee what is involved in running a home :o)

    Take care and stay healthy.


  3. Lilyfae

    What an honest piece. I think we are all struggling whether we are vulnerable or not, well stocked up or depending on emergency parcels, home educating by choice or necessity, able to hole up or have to brave the word as a key worker and all the nuances inbetween.
    This virus is a great leveller, and you don’t know how it’s going to affect you until it does is the scariest bit, the virus doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, the head of a government or an ordinary person.
    It’s refreshing to hear genuine fear and yet with a tinge of stoicism, that we shall soldier on and make a new normal- we are the same with post, it gets dettolled & left to dry!!!- these are interesting times and oh by golly Pratchett was right when he said that was a curse. #MMBC
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    • Not So Sweet Toffee

      It’s tough, isn’t it? But you are all doing the right thing. I have been shopping for elderly neighbours, two households with people over 80 and I’m petrified that in some way I’m going to give the virus to them even though we are self-isolating and keeping to all the rules. Stay safe and stay strong. We will get over this – the Queen said so!!

  4. Jo (A Rose Tinted World)

    Being at home all day every day is actually hard work isn’t it? But how much are we going to appreciate the little things when all this is over? Hope that the bank holiday doesn’t make people come out more. We have only left our house for shopping and the odd walk (I mean twice a week max) since this started. Do stay safe.

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