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  1. Emma

    Sometimes you just want someone else to step in and get everything back to being organised and normal for you don’t you? I know exactly what you mean, the weeks seem to be disappearing despite very little happening. I’ve not lost track of the days exactly because of blogging schedules and things, but there’s certainly little way of recognising the difference between a week day and the weekend anymore. Life will be very strange when we have to adjust back to a routine eventually, but I’m sure we’ll all do just fine! #wotw

  2. Cheryl | Time To Craft

    I can understand the sense of blur. Weeks seem to vary between nothing happening and then the next week something sparks it up. I call it a win if all the work gets done. Middle Teen was talking about being referred to as a year 11 now too. Talked to her tutor and they are working on getting her year group in. She should be striding across Exmoor at the moment. It would have been a good weekend for it. Trip to France cancelled here too. I always got the impression that the primary maths was the same topics just using a different method than we were taught. I was always cautious about teaching them my method and confusing matters. Hope you have a good weekend and the shopping is all sorted out now.

  3. Kim Carberry

    I totally get what you mean, each day does blur into another but it is a good think that the weeks are flying over.
    Oh no! That is rubbish about the shopping mix up. Have you tried a delivery from Iceland if you get stuck to tide you over. They are releasing theirs at 11am each weekday and I went on today and actually had a choice of days and times.
    My two are getting lazier too. We’re sleeping later as time goes on and they don’t want to get dressed but they haven’t been too bad with their school work. The maths work is crazy isn’t it. I don’t understand half of what my youngest does. I hope Star gets to see her teacher before the summer break. Year 11 is a big year. Eek! Aww! That poor teacher who rang you. I really do feel for those being forced back to work.
    Hang on in there. It’s half term soon x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…This week my Word of the Week is: Same! #WotW

  4. Laurie

    What a mix up with the food shopping! Glad you could get on a regular weekly schedule, though. It must be tough shoppinf for your big family during this crisis.

    The days do blur one into the other, don’t they? Hubby and I decided to get some take-out sushi – our first take out meal since the shutdown. We thought we would wait until the weekend to make it more special, but weekdays are just like weekends now, so why wait?
    Laurie recently posted…How To Waste Your Time

  5. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Life does feel very blurred at the moment, and it’s easy for one day to slip into the next and forget what day we are on. We’re finding our routine has slipped a lot too although we try and get school work done by 3pm each day. The change in days with the food shopping sounds stressful – hopefully switching your day to Friday will help with that. It all seems very up in the air at the moment with the plans to go back to school – I am considering continuing to home school Sophie until September if that is an option, but it’s not an easy decision for anyone and I can imagine it must be hard for Little Man’s teacher too. #WotW

  6. Cynthia Covert

    Running out of coffee is a nightmare!! Glad you were finally able to get your deliveries straightened out. I understand the blur of life right now. Although, for me, it is just like reliving the same week and schedule over and over. My husband is still going to work Monday-Friday. The only real difference is that we have nowhere to go on the weekends. It’s very long and boring version of Groundhog’s Day!

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