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  1. Kim Carberry

    I am glad all of your trips to the hospital went well. We have been once since March for my youngest girls hearing check and everything felt so safe.
    My friends daughter is a trainee nurse and has worked in a hospital all through the pandemic. She is in some sort of intensive care and they’re rushed off their feet.
    I heard something yesterday that 1 in 50 people have Covid at the moment. It’s scary. My dad and his partner have had it and have recovered and we know 2 people who’ve died from it.
    Take care x
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    • Anne Sweet

      The rates of COVID infection are really scary at the moment. I just hope people take this lockdown seriously and then we can keep our hospitals from being overwhelmed. I’m so glad your Dad and partner recovered but sorry you know of deaths. xx

  2. Jayne

    Glad to hear you were all safe during your appointments. I’ve only had to go in once during the pandemic and that was for my mammogram. I felt the hospital did a fab job of keeping everyone safe.
    These people who think Covid is a hoax are bloody idiots. My friend lost her dad to COVID recently and a friend of ours who had a heart transplant around the same time as Craig caught it. He was in hospital 6 months with it, luckily he pulled through. Xx

    • Anne Sweet

      I really have no patience with COVIDIOTS Im glad your friend pulled through and hope he continues to recover. Sorry about your friend’s Dad though. It feels like we will all know of losses before this is over 🙁

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