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  1. Christian Steinsworth

    Now that we’ve had a lot of time dealing with Covid – it’s interesting how my mentality has switched to now trying to find anything positive that has come from the situation, and you solidify a few of those thoughts. Majorly, I’m glad to see how much progress we’ve had in digital nursing and treatment of disease – I’m hoping it helps provide increased access continued through the future!
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  2. Kim Carberry

    It is crazy that this time last year Coronavirus wasn’t even on our radar and now it is dominating our lives. I really thought when the schools were first shut in March they’d be back by Easter or at least just after and look at us now.
    The home learning is tough but we’re doing OK. I was on a video call today with Becky’s girlfriend and she was explaining to Ellie how to her maths work. lol I’m glad someone can understand it because I can’t lol.
    We shopped online before the lockdowns and struggled to get a slot to start with but now I book them weeks in advance. Ugh. Without the deliveries we were spending a small fortune shopping locally.
    The people who think it is a hoax or that think we’re making a big deal obviously haven’t had loved one’s ill or even die. The non-believers are the lucky one’s who can live without fear or worry. x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…New Year resolutions for my family.

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