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  1. Joleisa

    I love this! Sounds so good to ehar good news and it makes me feel good so it must be extra great for you!
    I’m hoping your jab (and your son’s) go well this afternoon. And cheers to having a great time away when you do get to go on holiday.
    This post has been a real mood booster for me.

  2. Karen

    Lots of luck coming your way this week! I’m so happy that Star has got her GCSE’s out of the way and sorted her college place. Hope your jabs go well this afternoon, would it help your son if he could go in a side room (if they have one)? I asked for Sir and they were very accommodating.

  3. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    It must be a relief for Star to be nearly finished with her GCSE assessments now – hope all went well with her last exam and so glad that her telephone interview went well for her college place. That’s great that your son managed to book his first vaccine for the same place and time as your second one – hope that you are both feeling ok today and not suffering too many side effects from this. Glad you have a holiday to look forward to as well – we managed to move our planned Christmas break to the summer and it is nice to have that to look forward to. #WotW

  4. Carol

    I love this word, lucky. It’s a positive affirmation for sure and just embracing the word as you look back is also incredibly healthy I think. There has been research on gratitude and its affect on people. Congratulations to your daughter on finishing school and being accepted in college. I’m so glad you’re going for the your second shot and your son his first. Everyone can breathe a little easier after they all have shots. #MMBC

  5. Jane - Our Little Escapades

    It does sound like you had a very lucky week. I’m so glad you and your son both got your vaccinations at the same time and place. I used to be very much like this but I think my age and having kids has got me over it a bit. I’m so glad that Star got accepted at college. The fact that her GCSE grades won’t be an issue is fantastic news. I didn’t know PS5’s were still so hard to get hold of. I’m out of that loop though to be honest #WotW

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