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  1. Karen

    I think I’d be draining bottles of gin if that had been my week… wouldn’t do much good though! Fingers crossed the Dr ups your meds and then hopefully you feel better. I hope Boo gets the help she needs and that Star has a better week. It’s hard work sometimes. Hugs xx

  2. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Anne, I’m so sorry that you are all feeling so drained at the moment and have so much to deal with the issues with the girls and school and college. I’m sorry that Star had a horrible experience at college and I hope that they are being supportive, and that Boo starts to feel better soon and the referral helps give you some answers. I’m glad that Little Man is a ray of sunshine in all of this and it sounds like he is coping really well with everything else that is going on around him. Hope that you are all able to get some downtime and some much-needed rest over the weekend and that next week will be an easier one. Lots of love to you all x #WotW

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