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  1. Karen

    How lovely! I used to like bowling but with my knees and Hubby’s back it’s not something we do these days! I’m glad you had a lovely time 🙂

  2. Kim Carberry

    It sounds like Boo had a fantastic birthday. You did right heading off in the other direction to celebrate. Such a shame you lost the photos but it sounds like you had a great time and I am glad you were able to join in. hehehe! That did make me chuckle about the waitress thinking Boo and her big sister were twins. x

  3. Valeria

    It sounds like you all had a good time despite the change of plans 🙂 Thanks for hosting, and sharing.

    My daughter’s children are 18 years apart in age: Azariah was being born as Alyna was graduating High School – what an exciting day that was!

    Have a funtastic weekend, Anne.

  4. Joleisa

    Sounds like you all had a good time. I did venture out to see what was happening near me on the day of the Opening Ceremony too. I didn’t see any athletes but I got to chat to some of the people who were working there, a couple of international coaches too! I managed to get some footage and made a video on our channel. It’s exciting times and we are looking forward most to the athletics.
    I do also agree that Franky and Benny’s is way overpriced. The last time we went I almost cried about the amount of money I spent and the quality and quantity of what I got! Sounds like you and the family had a good time though.

    • Anne Sweet

      I’ll look out for your footage. I really want to see the Bull but I doubt I’ll get the chance. The marathon runners went right close my home yesterday but I couldn’t even get out to cheer them on 🙁 As for Frankie and Benny’s, I had a hot dog with fries, there was absolutely nothing special about it and it was the cheapest meal at £10. (I could have made the same at home for less than £3 for me and the kids!)

  5. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Happy belated birthday to Boo and glad she had a good one. Sounds like you had a fun time going bowling and lovely that you were able to join in as well. Graham taking photos on the tablet at Frankie and Benny’s made me smile. How funny that Boo and her big sister were asked if they were twins given the age gap – I bet your elder daughter loved that! #WotW

  6. Lismore Bowling

    I just read your post about their bowling experience, and it’s such a heartwarming glimpse into their family time. The way they share the ups and downs feels so personal and relatable, making me want to create similar memories with my own loved ones.

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