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  1. Joleisa

    I hate scary things like that! The podcast sounds intriguing but I’d never be able to deliberately listen to that! Iam afraid of house fires too, and always try to get a room downstairs when i go to a hotel.

  2. Kim Carberry

    Ohh! This sounds interesting but not for me. I get freaked out with scary movies so a podcast would probably have the same effect. Eek!
    My youngest is terrified of fire too after there was a fire in the house next door when she was little. We were fine apart from being woken by the fireman telling us to get out of the house in case it spread, it didn’t thankfully. x

    • Anne Sweet

      Seeing a house on fire really does affect you when you are young. I remember worrying about my Barbie dolls which were lined up against the living room wall that was next to the house on fire. It was a particularly bad fire though and we had to be evacuated just in case. x

  3. Claire

    Ooh, that podcast sounds amazing- right up mine and my eldest daughter’s street! I expect I will be terrified though. I loved hearing about your own supernatural experiences. I always find things like that fascinating. I can completely understand your fear of a house fire too (a local school went on fire near us just this week. Thankfully, no one was hurt but it just causes devastation). We have had huge spiders in the house recently- they are so scary! xxx

  4. Annette, 3 Little Buttons

    The podcast really does sound good. I’ve just popped over to audible to check it out. Spiders get me every time… there’s something ekk about how quickly they run. I can’t explain it, but it give me shivers. The spooky goings on in your houses would be enough to have me packing my bags!!! Your brave! #blogtober22

  5. Amanda Kay Oaks-Christman

    The podcast sounds super interesting, but I would be afraid of listening to it because I can’t hang with horror at all. My husband and I listen to a podcast called Get in the Trunk that involves cosmic horror and even though they approach everything with humor I still get scared sometimes! I’m also afraid of flying. I’ve done it, but I hate it.

  6. Miss Tilly And Me

    My daughter used to talk to people that weren’t there when she was younger. She was even featured in the Daily Mirror. It was around the same time as Sixth Sense came out. Even now she just has a feeling sometimes that something isn’t right. The supernatural is an awesome thing to believe in

  7. loopyloulaura

    Our fears can be big or little but still have a profound effect on our lives. I am terrified of flying and don’t think I will ever manage to get on a plane again but I’d hate my phobia to make my children reluctant to fly (although I’d prefer them on the ground with me!) Thanks for linking up with #DreamTeam and please make sure you comment on all posts

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