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  1. Kim Carberry

    It is something to think about the future. I didn’t imagine my life turning out like it has but we just get on with it, we have to.
    That is great news about Boo! Well done her and I am glad you have made some progress with helping Star out with her medical issues. It is a shame we have to complain to PALS just to get the help our kids need and are entitled to. Good luck.
    Ahh! I turned 43 this week and felt old, especially after having quite a tame night out and feeling like I could sleep for a week. lol Happy birthday for tomorrow. Have a wonderful time at the light switch on tomorrow. x

  2. Ruth

    I was just thinking today about how I spent so much time worrying about silly things to do with the future when I was young. Now here I am wishing I could go back and tell myself to relax because life never really turns out how we expect. It’s lovely that Boo is doing well and I do hope that this doctor will be able to help Star. I hope that you had a lovely birthday xxx

  3. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    It’s hard when the future doesn’t turn out how we thought it would. You’re right that it isn’t something we can control. That’s good news for Boo being conditionally accepted on to her college course. I’m glad you’ve finally managed to get an appointment with a gastrointestinal doctor for Star and I hope that this doctor will be able to help her. Hope that you had a lovely birthday and enjoyed the Christmas lights switch-on x #WotW

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