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  1. Kim Carberry

    It has got cold quickly and it is so ruddy cold. We don’t usually put the heating on until the earliest 4pm but I had it on this morning just to take the chill off. I’ve been coping with my blanket, hot water bottle and fingerless mittens.
    Oh wow! What a great haul from Cadbury World. It looks like you’re set for Christmas. x

  2. Joleisa

    Well done with that Cadbury score! We went earlier this year and had a good time. The chocolate fans in your life must be very happy. Sorry we are in a blogging slump but hopefully we will join the linky again soon.

  3. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Ooh that’s a lovely lot of Cadburys chocolate. It has been freezing lately hasn’t it? I’ve been putting on extra layers and wearing fingerless gloves when working too! It looks like it should be getting a bit warmer again in the next few days though. Hope you have been managing to stay warm this week. #WotW

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