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  1. Kim Carberry

    I haven’t played Cluedo for years. It’s one board game that we don’t have. It sounds like you had great fun with it.
    Christmas does change a lot as the kids get older. Ours certainly was different this year with my eldest working and sleeping after the night shifts.
    I am a little sad Christmas is over, we could have done with more family time. x

  2. Catherine

    I love Cluedo and have fun memories of playing with my cousins when we were younger. I think that those are the memories that your children will also treasure when they’re older – not whether Christmas dinner was at a certain time!

    Happy New Year to you all. X


  3. Ruth

    I’m glad that you all got to play Cluedo together. Playing games together is a great way to build fond memories. Christmases are so different once the kids get older and I have also found that it’s better to role with it. Last year I remember feeling sad that no one was overly keen to watch ‘Elf’ with me. But this year I was ok with it and decided that I would watch my favourite Christmas movies by myself (my husband works night shifts). The funny thing is my son actually came and joined me a few times when he heard what was on TV.

  4. Amila

    Glad to hear that you played Cluedo with family members. Playing games together is always interesting and it helps in bonding as well.
    We too play different board games to spend time together.
    Happy New year 2023!

  5. Sarah MumofThree World

    Happy new year! I like your new approach to Christmas. I felt quite stressed in the run-up to it with buying and wrapping presents. I enjoyed Christmas and the quiet days afterwards, but there is definitely some relief when all the hard work is done.

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