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  1. Kim Carberry

    Snap! My word is exams too.
    My youngest has the same too, doing revision at school for the next exam. I have told her she doesn’t have to revise at home now as she’s doing so much at school. It worked out well, they were revising the quote or something the day before and that was on the English Lit paper so it was fresh in Ellie’s head.
    We were told that the year 11’s here would finish school on the 26th of May but now they’ve said they have to go in until their last exam, for Ellie it’s the 16th of June. Good luck to Boo.
    Well done to your Little Man, my girls know way more about coding than me. I feel old. lol. x

  2. joleisa

    Well well, hasn’t time flown by? I wish your daughter well with her exams. And I am happy that Little Man is enjoying something too. Well, I would stop going to school after the last exam and see what would happen. What will the school do? There’s no use going into school in my opinion.

  3. Aadiv S

    I’m intrigued by the concept of having exams for the word of the week. It’s an innovative approach to expand one’s vocabulary and deepen their understanding of words. Incorporating exams can provide a structured and engaging way to reinforce learning and encourage active usage of newly acquired vocabulary. It’s a fantastic initiative for language enthusiasts seeking to enhance their linguistic skills.

  4. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Good luck to Boo with her exams. That’s a shame that they’re having to keep going until the end of June even when exams are over. It was always one of the bonuses of being an exam year getting to finish term early. Sounds like Little Man enjoyed doing the OU Coding course – well done to him for doing it. #WotW

  5. Karen

    Good luck to Boo with her exams! I remember I finished my exams, left school and started work – but that was a very long time ago!!

  6. Jane - Our Little Escapades

    I hope the exams went well. Ethan won’t sit exams, I found that out last year. He will take another route. I have some time to worry about little lady. I don’t understand why Boo still has to go to school after the exams. What will they do in that time? That was the best part of GCSE year, ending school before everyone else #WotW

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