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  1. Sim's Life

    Yey to your first BBQ of the year! This weather really is calling for more, especially over the Bank Holiday, it is going to be glorious!
    A fabulous word to pick for this week and very apt… as it seems the sun has finally arrived to stick around! Sim x #PoCoLo

  2. Kim Carberry

    This weather has been nice.
    We’ve not had a BBQ yet but I thinking we might over the weekend. My fella always tells me off for leaving the pegs out on the line but I got some from Poundland and they seem to be lasting really well. I realised today that I have to book the train for us going away at the end of the summer next week. I am so excited.
    Have a great weekend. x

  3. Ruth

    That’s wonderful that the sun has been shining for you. Sunshine is the perfect mood lifter. Even though it’s cold over here, we have had lots of sunny days so far. It’s exciting that you are going away for a nice break soon. I hope the days go by slowly for you so the break feels longer. ?

  4. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    It has been lovely to have some sunshine. So nice to have the first BBQ of the year as well (although not so nice getting bitten by insects). Lovely to have your holiday to look forward to as well. I can imagine that was frustrating realising you could have gone earlier in the year though. Fingers crossed that we get some more sunshine this week (and that the insects leave you alone if you do get outside to enjoy it).

  5. Catherine

    It’s great to have sunshine at last. It’s been so long coming! Our American friends did a Mexican BBQ at the weekend with tacos and tortillas to suff with meat, fish and salsa. We always BBQ the same thing so it was great to have a change 🙂


  6. Carol

    Sunshine would be a favorite word of mine if I did this challenge. I love bright days. I’m glad summer is coming to you to enjoy. #MMBC

  7. Jane - Our Little Escapades

    The sun being out does make such a difference. I just don’t do heat very well. Darren is very prone to getting bitten. We can be in the same place and they just go for him. Such a shame about not knowing you could book a holiday in term time. I can’t wait until we can book holidays then. Who knows if the kids will want to go with us then though #WotW

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