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  1. joleisa

    Sorting. Ahhh! I love doing it if I have the right resources and time. It looks so much neater and it’s easier to find what you are looking for. Good luck with the sorting and I hope the children’s needs are taken care of sooner rather than later. As for Maths, I am still convinced that some people’s brains are wired to be able to cope with learning it. For some people, it’s harder. I am also one of those. But if I really put my mind to it, and get the right resources, I can teach myself. I never got Maths while I was in school. Yet years later, I did it on my own. Maybe she does have a learning difficulty and that makes getting Maths concepts harder too.

  2. Kim Carberry

    I feel so much more motivated when I have a list or two on the go.
    Good luck with the meeting at Boo’s college. That is pretty shocking that she is learning primary level maths, it sounds like her old school really let her down.
    My girls don’t know the difference between blankets, duvets and quilt either. They just call everything blankets which really confuses life. lol
    I hope all of your sorting goes well. x

  3. Karen

    I should probably make a list of all the stuff I need to get sorted out. I did chuckle at the duvet, quilt and blanket debate. Mine call them duvets, quilts and blankets. Like me (and you) they differentiate between them. That’s shocking about Boo having to start again with Maths. I remember looking at Madam’s maths homework in mainstream school and wondering what on earth they’d done to make it so complicated. Maybe Boo needs to learn it differently.

  4. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    I’m with you on feeling better with having a list of things to do. Glad the ball is rolling with Boo’s autism and learning difficulties assessment and hope things continue to progress with that. That sounds frustrating having to go back to primary level maths and the maths difficulties not being picked up sooner. Sounds like you’ve been busy with sorting out bedrooms. I’d agree with duvet, blanket and quilt all being quite distinct things. Good luck with sorting out the documents for Little Man’s EHCP and Star’s PALS appeal. #WotW

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