Friday, 29 April 2016

Word of the Week - Star!

This week has been all about Star!
First she received a certificate in school assembly. One of the things I like about the school is that they celebrate the children's strengths each week and you can see the determination each child has to be rewarded with a certificate. They are given out in five categories which make up the word Reach. Resiliance, Engagement, Ambition, Confidence, Honesty.

Star's certificate was for Resiliance "in maths and always trying to apply her understanding to problems."
This is pretty big for Star as Maths is not her strongest subject.

Then she had a hospital appointment for her stomach problems. It was after school and as it was best that just one parent went it was Daddy who took her. We didn't get any new information from the appointment, just some more medication. It does feel like we are going around in circles with this problem which has been present for more than eight years now!

Then Star got sick! She was up all night moaning about a headache so I figured she must be having a migraine if it was keeping her awake and gave her the appropriate treatment. She had to miss school the next day because she'd not slept...but it was good that she didn't go in because then came the sickness. Poor child never moved all day except to be sick. She slept on and off and complained of pain in between. She didn't eat all day so we kept her topped up with water.

She's still off school but looking a bit brighter now. Hopefully she'll be fine over the long weekend. Next week it will be back to getting ready for her SATS. Being in year six they are making a big deal about the SATS at the school. I know that Star is a little stressed but she seems to be coping with most of the extra work she's been given. I'm not sure how she will get on in the actual tests but I've already been told that they have made special arrangements for her and a few of the pupils who won't be taking the tests in the same room as the other children. These children will be subject to the same rules but are given a little longer and breaks if necessary. It's reassuring. It's also sad that my child has problems that necessitate this. 

So, I guess this week is all about my star, Star and that her name should be my word of the week.


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