Saturday, 11 February 2017

My Sunday Photo 12th February 2017

I'm back with the trees at the bottom of my garden. I got up yesterday morning and was greeted by a snowy outlook. There was a splattering of snow on the grass and the sky was white and heavy. You could just see the snow settling on the trees. I added a frosty filter to the snap just for effect. I really don't think we are going to get a massive amount of snow this winter so this will have to do.

It's been a bad week and apart from a trip to A&E I've not left the house. The kids have all been poorly too and yesterday Boo had to take a trip to the emergency GP with her Daddy.
It was quite nice sitting on the settee cuddled up with Boo and a nice blanket watching the snow fall. I do like snow providing I don't have to go out anywhere.


Sunday Snap

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