Saturday, 3 June 2017

My Sunday Photo - June 4th 2017

arcade grab machines

It's been over a week since I last posted, have you missed me? My photo may give you some idea of where I've been. It's the grab machines in the arcade of a British Holiday Camp.

Hi De Hi!

My kids love the arcade and would happily spend hours and hours in one.

Thankfully we did lots of other things other than spend all my money in the arcade, I'll post all about it soon, including my very special pilgrimage which I was so excited about.

Ah, but grab machines, don't you just hate them? I do, they swallow all your money and you rarely get anything in  return, it's so sad seeing your little ones face when you try over and over and never win them a prize. Thankfully, my three are wise to them now and enjoy doing other things instead. The Little Man was addicted to the machine that made candy floss. I think he had one every day. Star was queen of the tuppence drop machines, she could make one pound of of 2ps last for hours. Boo liked to browse around different machines winning tokens to spend in the gift shop.

We had a lovely little break away and although we arrived in the rain it stayed away for the rest of the week and we were able to get a lot of time on the beach.


Sunday Snap

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