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This is the first post on Raisie Bay.
Well, actually it isn’t because I’ve edited it. When I started this blog I was thinking of a very different direction to the one I ended up taking. So The first post was completely irrelevant  so was the title, and the content for the first six months or so.

I suppose I could have started again from scratch, but what’s the point. I had the blog I just needed to tweak it to what I really wanted.

So what is Raisie Bay about now? Well, basically it’s about me and my family, our interests our life, the things we get up to. Also, it’s about the reviews that I do, it was quite obvious from the start that I would be reviewing stuff because that’s what I’ve been doing for many years. Although, this is the first time I’ve been reviewing on my own blog, I became a little fed up of being paid 2p a time whenever someone liked my review on previous sites.

I’m a mum of 5, 2 adults and 3 little ones, so plenty of parenting experience. The first two where born in my first marriage and the little ones where a late addition. I always say I had them in my forties but actually Star was born a couple of months before my 40th birthday. Boo was born when I was 41 and Little Man was a surprise late edition at almost 45.

I’ve been asked about the name Raisie Bay, well it’s partly my old name before I was married. I wanted something that didn’t quite sound like a name though so I made a few alterations. Raisie has a couple of changed letters otherwise it would be the second part of my first name. Bay is the first half of my previous second name. So there you are, clear as mud 🙂

So have you clicked follow yet? I won’t get very far talking to myself 😉


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