The MAD Blog Awards 2013

MAD Blog Awards

Nominations have just opened for this years MAD (mum and dad) blog awards. Last year I just stumbled upon them after someone nominated my old blog. I filled in the form missing out quite a few places because I’d not given it enough though before hand. This year I’ve done my research and hand picked nominations for every category. I had to rethink a couple (the baby one had me stumped, I had two but couldn’t use either because the baby birth dates were just before the allowed date in Feb)

So who are you nominating? Ah, no need to answer, but what a lovely way to show appreciation for all the lovely blogs out there, so do please nominate your favourites.

The first week of nomination results are starting to come in and I’m so thrilled to have been nominated in six categories,  Schooldays, Family Life, Family fun, Cooking, Best Writer and Blog of the Year. Thank you so much to whoever nominated me xxx There are still two more weeks to get your votes in and remember the blogs with the most nominations will go through to the finals.

I know I’m shameless but if you do have a nomination to spare I’d be so grateful to receive it. I really want to get through to the next round so I can go to London to the posh awards ceremony with posh frocks galore and copious amounts of alcohol. (click the badge above to make nominations) 

Take a peak here:


  1. February 4, 2013 / 9:51 pm

    Well done and good luck xx

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